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In these posts you will find poems, movie and music recommendations, and occasional reflections. Each of these has the same purpose as my songs. Each is a portal of connection to the source of meaning. In his poem below, Rumi speaks of our need to taste this “almond cake,” or else life becomes dry and burdensome. With that taste in our mouth, life makes ultimate sense, and even sorrow has its beauty.

So, may you enter here and find food for heart and soul. And please add your reflections and recommendations.

Life freezes if it doesn’t get a taste 
of this almond cake.
 The stars come up spinning 
every night, in love.
 If they weren’t, t
hey’d say,
“How long do we have to do this!” — Rumi

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This song was born out of distress and anger about the despoiling of the natural world. In the end it felt like a prayer.

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Black Madonna: A Song of Forgiveness (Free Download)

In 1981, two white supremacists brutally murdered an eighteen-year-old black boy in Mobile, Alabama. During the trial, there was an astounding moment: one of the men expressed true sorrow for what he had done. Everyone took a breath. And the…

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All In the Waiting

Several months ago I gave Mirza Inayat Khan a copy of the song All in the Waiting. Mirza is a talented videographer and I wondered if he’d find the inspiration to create something based on this song. He did, and…

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Back Story: Feels Like Dying, Feels Like Bliss

I wrote this song after a period of loss. First my sister died, then my mother. I held their hands as they breathed their last breaths, and deeply felt these sacred encounters with impermanence. Yet their deaths were not unexpected….

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Connection From a Songwriter’s Perspective

I was approached by a stranger. He told me about his wife. She had been bedridden and in pain for months before recently dying. He said that each day they had listened to the song Come Rest Your Head. He…

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The Poet’s Obligation

This poem amazes me. How does Neruda do it!? The role of the poet, or musician or prophet is to keep the ears of their hearts finely tuned to the inner side of life — where creation and meaning arise….

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Music for Autumn and Winter

It is common in our culture to make death a stranger. We have unconscious beliefs and unexamined fears about impermanence. And yet, during these days the leaves float down, and the nights become long and cold. This cycle of change…

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On Listening

My friend and I had an interesting discussion: what if you could only have your hearing or your eyesight? Not both. Which would you choose? That night I was up on the roof deck of my house. It was late…

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Rosemary: The Back Story

I wrote this song many years ago but have continued to like the feeling of it, so I wanted to record it. It has a kind of Irish flavor. My kids were upset with me when they first heard it…

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Back Story: There is a Light

This song was written for my dear friend, Bill Bolling, who has run the Atlanta Food Bank for over thirty-five years. Bill is real smart and could have made a lot of money, but has chosen instead to build a…

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