Music for Autumn and Winter

grunge background with autumn leavesIt is common in our culture to make death a stranger. We have unconscious beliefs and unexamined fears about impermanence. And yet, during these days the leaves float down, and the nights become long and cold. This cycle of change draws near and shows itself—revealing its particular beauty. May we allow ourselves to commune with this atmosphere, without preconceptions. May we feel our emotions purely, and perhaps feel the deep attraction to the timeless silence.

Here are a few songs that, to me, are in harmony with the season. I’d love to hear what you experience listening to them. For instance, what happens when you go into the cool, timeless space of Mirrors of Infinity. And then feel the inner warmth in the Buddhist chant, Hope for Enlightenment, which reminds us that there is no place that love does not go.

Yungchen Lhamo, Happiness Is….
Leonard Cohen, If It Be Your Will
Shaun Davey, Hear Me (from the soundtrack of Waking Ned Devine)
Shiv Kumar Sharma, Mirrors of Infinity
Lama Gyurme and Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Hope for Enlightenment