lyrics: stay awake with me

Come Rest Your Head

If your heart holds back
and your tongue is shy
and your mouth is dry
we understand

When you can’t get home
but you cannot stay
and you feel the way
has been lost to you

Come, come
come rest your head
come take our hand
Come, come
let go your tears
come see our eyes
seeing you

If your time is short
and your days feel long
and your doubts are strong
and seem so true

When your will is weak
and your way is hard
and you curse the card
that’s been dealt to you


When your mind won’t stop
and you can’t get warm
and you feel so torn
about things you’ve done

There’s nothing that you have to do
let something kind touch the hurt in you
let live the flame stronger than despair
let live the flame stronger than despair
Al lah al lah

Can you feel the sun
can you feel the air
can you feel the care
they have for you

Come, come
yes it’s been hard
there’s something soft
that makes you new
Come, come
come rest your head
come take our hand



Who Do You Serve

Who do you serve
who do you serve
who do you serve
when the light begins to shine on you

Sometimes I feel like Abraham
when you came to take his son
to give what means the most to me
should I bow or should I run


Oh lord I see your face again
looking that way at me
I thought I might have settled in
but I see that storm is gathering


Who would have thought the happiness
I’ve been seeking all my life
waits for me so patiently
the moment I decide

It’s a long way to the lowlands
it’s a long way to humility
to find out it’s not my hands
that have always been taking me



Brand New Skies

I’m lying in bed on a Sunday morning
the sun is shining and the sky is blue
I’m lying in bed on a Sunday morning
my mind is clear and I’m looking at you
like the first time I ever saw you
and you still make me feel that way
the window’s open and I feel you breathing
the breeze is blowing my fears away

Well I remember the time when night was endless
joy was gone and nothing grew
all inside me was grey and empty
all around me was a world of gloom
now I can’t say what made it happen
I don’t know what came over me
but from the dark of my soul came the sun arising
returned to my heart like a memory

Have you ever seen a baby smiling
have you ever seen an eagle fly
have you ever heard words spoken true
so they pierce your heart and make you cry
have you ever laid beside a stream
let the healing waters rush over you
lay your head back in a dream
it’ll mend your wounds it’ll make you new

And now I’m lying in bed on a Sunday morning
the sun is shining and the sky is blue
I’m lying in bed on a Sunday morning
my mind is clear and I’m looking at you
like the first time I ever saw you
and I’m seeing you with brand new eyes
the leaves are floating past my window
the birds are flying through brand new skies



Photo: John O’Neill


I got home real late last night
feeling tired as I could be
went to the bed turned on the light
somebody’d left lemonade for me

Well I stood there grinning like a Cheshire cat
what a sight to see
I said to myself, “whatcha think of that?”
somebody’s left lemonade for me

The road is flooded
and my clothes are wet
I got stung by a bee
but none of that
can outweigh the fact
that there’s a quart of lemonade just waitin for me

Now you might think this is a silly song
but you get to hear it for free
it’s a true tale about nothing wrong
a quart of lemonade and I’m happy!


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Rosemary is pure loveliness
she lives beside the sea
she walks along deserted sands
in mist and mystery.
I watch her picking up her shells
sand dollars she does find
a longing rose from deep within
Rosemary please be kind

She doesn’t know I watch her there
she thinks she’s all alone
except the wind that brushes back her hair
and blows away the foam
If only I could speak to her
if my feelings I could share
if I could open up my heart
perhaps Rosemary would care

I see that she is old enough
I sense she’s known life’s pain
the way she looks through those warm eyes
that know that love’s no game
I’d place my heart into her hands
a frightening thing to do
I’d look Rosemary in the eye
and say I trust in you

(Repeat first verse)


On the Shore of My Heart

Here on the shore of my heart
calling out over the water
patient black night
scented with stillness

Here on the shore of my heart
where I once was a stranger
now here we are
nothing is hidden

The swan is sleeping
her sadness turned to grace
her head beneath her downy wing
my eyes are weeping
at the sight of your face
you’ve waited all along for me

Who could have known that the moon
with a kiss would send me your promise
cradle of light

Here in this black velvet dome
where first you opened my eyes
it’s only been you
we have all wanted

What is now true
only your beauty
it all becomes your shining grace
I call out to you
I’m already answered
here in your embrace
Stay Awake With Me
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Who will listen to the rain
who will rise to greet the dawn
who will touch my waking skin
and taste the snowflakes on your tongue

Who will sanctify life’s pain
who’ll redeem the heartless storm
who’ll walk slowly with the lame
and love us when we’re not young

Stay awake with me
stay awake with me
I need your eyes to see
patiently, faithfully
will you stay awake with me

How do hearts grow glad again
and ripen till their sweet and strong
how do hearts forget their clever skin
and stand here with nothing on

It’s those who know where joy begins
and who remember freedom’s song
it’s those who stand in this cold wind
with the face of perfect calm

Tell me honestly
will you wait with me
who knows how long it might be
patiently, faithfully
will you stay away with me

Who will listen to the rain
who will smile when springtime comes
who will sit in the darkest night
and know the midnight sun