Black Madonna: A Song of Forgiveness (Free Download)

Black Madonna: A Song of Forgiveness (Free Download)

In 1981, two white supremacists brutally murdered an eighteen-year-old black boy in Mobile, Alabama. During the trial, there was an astounding moment: one of the men expressed true sorrow for what he had done. Everyone took a breath. And the boy’s mother, Beulah Mae Donald, forgave him.

When I read this story, I wept. The act of this unassuming woman had power even thirty years later. I felt I was in the presence of human greatness, still. Her heart is remarkable, and its effect continues to ripple out through time.

Here is the song I was inspired to write from this experience. Click on the [tiny] down arrow to download it, or click on the play button to hear it.

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Black Madonna: Lyrics

They brought Tiger Knowles to the courtroom
His legs shackled in chains
Swastika tattoo on his forearm
His face twisted in pain

But there were tears in his eyes that morning
When he said I’m here to admit it
I killed your son like they said I did
I wish I hadn’t done it but I did

We got to stop all this, it just ain’t right
I got to live with it the rest of my life
I’d give back your son if I could
If I could take his place I would

What is it in him that makes him repent
That softens a heart breast fed on hate
Whatever it is, bring us closer to this
Bring us closer to this, I pray

She made herself come to the courtroom
To see the man who had murdered her son
Who’d had a few beers, grabbed a rope and a hammer
To kill a nigger, it didn’t matter which one

She sat there and rocked at the table
While Tiger Knowles wept in his hands
She’d come here to see pure evil
But saw a lost child instead

She said, you hurt me bad but why hurt you
I’m tired of hate, what good does it do
The Lord will judge what you done
She bowed her head, said I forgive you son

What is it in her that makes her forgive
That softens a heart with such reason to hate
Whatever it is bring us closer to this
Bring us closer to this I pray


Music and lyrics—Gayan Macher
Guitar and vocals—Gayan
Second guitars—Tom Finch, Ben Leinbach
Cello—Moses Sedler
Engineering and Production—Ben Leinbach