All In the Waiting

allinwaitingSeveral months ago I gave Mirza Inayat Khan a copy of the song All in the Waiting. Mirza is a talented videographer and I wondered if he’d find the inspiration to create something based on this song. He did, and here’s the result:

The video Mirza created is hauntingly beautiful. It makes a powerful impression. In fact it is the power of his interpretation of the song that gives me slight pause in recommending it to you (but only slight pause). My interpretation of the song is quite different from his. The song, based on the words of T.S. Elliot, is about the necessary abandonment of a certain kind of faith and hope—a kind that has not been sufficiently tested. In my view, Mirza’s video is an unblinking look at an aspect of life where one would be hard pressed to nurture hope. As such, it is profoundly authentic. To me, however, the meaning of the song does not end there. It comes out the other side to a faith, love and hope that is undefeatable because it is inherent to the soul, and not determined by the ups and downs of circumstances.

I’m very interested in your thoughts and reactions—to the song, and the video. So, ideally, listen to the song fresh, free from the influences of outside images.  Then watch the video and share what you think.

And here is a series of talks that Mirza gave on the Prophets of the three Abrahamic religions. As with the video and in these talks he is exploring with great honesty the places of human fallibility.